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Ulcerative Colitis

Many people with ulcerative colitis (UC) respond to medications such as sulfasalazine, asacol, and prednisone. There are some people that either do not respond to drug therapy, or can not continue it long term because of side effects or other considerations. Now most all my readers know how I feel concerning these drugs and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. I see in this as I study, a vicious cycle of dysbiosis being created within the patient as a result of the prescribed pharmaceuticals; eventually, the very hormones, steroids and such that are prescribed to "heal" us are now the cause for the cancer which will now be blamed on the UC.

It is no wonder that people are turning to other methods besides drugs and surgery to help their UC symptoms. Dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, and herbs are what some people are experimenting with to find relief.

The intestines, especially the large intestine (the colon,) are the site of several similar and very uncomfortable syndromes. These include ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and constipation. "Death begins in the colon" is a familiar phrase but it is true that colon dysfunction is suspected to play a major role in autoimmune or other degenerative diseases. Putting the colon in order is a high priority
in the pursuit of health.

The source of colon problems lie in a bad diet, immune dysfunction and parasitism. In particular, dysbiosis, or an improper balance of intestinal bacteria may be at the root of the problem. Those good bacteria keep the bad ones in check, they maintain the lining of the gut, and they produce nutrients to be used by the body. A bad diet and stress, the use of certain drugs such as cortisone or antibiotics, or failure to replenish the good
bacteria can cause a breakdown in this bacterial defense and cause an overgrowth of Candida or "bad bacteria".

While there are many highly recommended holistic treatments that can rid you of this challenge, I always will push to find out what is the true origin of the UC as opposed to continuing to treat the symptoms, thus causing more symptoms. There are many origins for UC ranging from parasites to bad diet. A good holistic doctor will help you to determine this. I am a great believer inU.V.T. and Ozone therapy and truly believe it is the fasted route to healing most anything; you might wish to read our sections on this as well.

A Word of Caution:

Do not do any type of colonics designed to scrape the intestines clean of all bacteria, parasites, etc, until you know that leaky gut is not present. Otherwise bacteria may be disbursed through out the body and much greater problems will arise.

Herbs are being recognized for their healing properties for many health concerns, including UC.

Nutritional Supplements

Fish oil has been studied as a therapy for UC. In one study (patients were given 3.2 grams of EPA and 2.2 grams of DHA per day), patients observerved a decrease in inflammation, and were also less dependent on prescription drugs. Another study showed the same reduction in the need for drug therapy, but patients were still at risk for a relapse of symptoms.

Folic acid is also be beneficial to people with UC. The drug sulfasalazine depletes the body of folic acid, so anyone taking sulfasalazine should be supplementing their diet with folic acid. Additionally, studies indicate that supplementing with folic acid may play a role in reducing the risk of colon cancer by as much as 60%.

Aloe vera has known anti-inflammatory properties. However, it has not been studied specifically for use in treating inflammation in UC. Other herbs with anti-inflammatory properties include calendula, linseed, licorice, marshmallow, myrrh, and yarrow.

These herbs can be taken either orally, or in enema form, however enemas may not be beneficial for severe flare-ups. Calendula, licorice, marshmallow, and yarrow are often taken as teas. Myrrh can't be made into a tea, so it comes in the forum of a tincture that can be mixed with water. Linseed (flaxseed) is an oil, and can be a substitute for fish oil. When replacing fish oil, as much as 10 times more linseed oil is needed to provide the necessary essential fatty acids. Aloe vera and these other anti-inflammatory herbs can be found in health food and vitamin stores.

Chamomile, known for its calming properties, may also be useful in curbing UC symptoms. Chamomile is most often taken as a tea, but can also be used in enema form. Peppermint, taken in enteric-coated capsules, also relaxes the bowel. Chamomile tea and peppermint capsules are widely available.

Boswellia (also known as Frankincense) is a little-known herb that may reduce inflammation in the colon. In one study, complete remission was achieved by 82% of those taking boswellia 350 mg three times a day. Boswellia can be found in vitamin stores.

Learn more about the Rejuvenating qualities of high quality HCL brand colloidal silver solution by Healthy Christian Living. Colloidal silver reportedly has not only helped many people with ulcerative colitis, but assisted in providing an greater over all feeling of health. although we are not permitted by FDA Ruling to say what this product can do for you, we have many testimonies of users who have experienced astonishing results.

IF you are in the NY area. this is the doctor I use and highly recommend (I do not earn referral benefits!!)

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